Strength and Length Mascara

STRENGTH & LENGTH Mascara and Brow Gel

Red clover extract is also a key ingredient in our new STRENGTH & LENGTH Mascara and Brow Gel. The potent ingredient provides powerful strengthening benefits for healthier-looking lashes and brows

In addition to red clover extract, these clean, nurturing formulas contain a peptide-rich serum to double down on promoting healthy-looking brows and lashes. This complex of red clover extract and peptide-rich serum works in two essential ways. First, it helps strengthen hair at the root so that it can better withstand daily stressors, such as makeup removal, eye rubbing and exposure to elements. Second, it creates better conditions to maximize hair growth.

In our mascara, the result is stronger, longer, fuller-looking lashes. In an 8-week consumer perception study with 30 women, 100% felt their lashes were longer, both instantly and at the end of the 8 weeks. In our brow gel, the result is visibly fuller, thicker, denser brows. When used consistently for eight weeks, both products have been clinically shown to visibly improve length and fullness*.  

True to bareMinerals, these products are formulated without any unnecessary additives or harsh ingredients so you can feel confident when applying them every day.

*Based on an 8-week clinical study with 30 women. Results may vary.

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